Looking to the future through the heaven (sky)

The stars are aligned. God made this particular alignment so that the observers can take the advantage of it to understand things and properly react. This benefit has been taken in different ways time to time. For instance, people in the time of Prophet Abraham (as) used to observe sky. Abraham (as) himself employed astronomy to see (know about) the future. In surah As-Saffat is mentioned that he looked at the future. He even got to know about the martyrdom of Hussein and his relationship with prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This story had a significant influence to Abraham so he felt unwell afterwards, revealing the impact of such observations.

Later on, in the time of prophet Yusha (as), the order of stars was changed from the perspective of the terrestrial observer via the “rejection of Shams (Sun)”!  Therefore, the observation (watching) methods should have been different. Sometime later, during the reign of Solomon, the order of the sky was again disrupted by the view of a terrestrial observer. The stars did not move; however as the earth’s rotation changed, the sky shifted from the observer’s point of view, and again scientists tried to follow things accordingly.

The new order of heaven with the advent of Islam

In the time of Ali (as), due to the advent of Islam, a new order had to be placed in the sky; let’s consider this as the reason. For this reason, Ali (as), with the permission of the Prophet (PBUH), performed the “rejection of Shams” almost two or three times. Several books have been written about the rejection of the sun.

It is simply said that the order of the sky was disrupted by the view of the earthly observer; but there are reasons for this. A Messenger of God, an Imam, does not do this on his own. They do this based on a concept, and with this action they establish a new order. They obsolete the old order and apply the new order. This rejection of the Sun is an interesting example of “abrogation and obsolescence” performed by the guardian of God. Almost on the night of the arrival, the order of the stars will fall apart once more. We have two collections of verses in this regard; there are at least two verses. A verse that if God prolongs the night for you, who wants to return the night to its previous state? There is a hadith that the night of arrival lasts as long as three night. There is another verse that if God prolongs the day for you, who wants to return to the previous state? There is a hadith that the day leading up to arrival lasts three days and nights. Putting together these results shows that the day of one area of the earth will last three days and the night of another area will last three nights. That is, the type of rotation of the earth changes. In such a way that the earth or the object that hits the earth goes out of its way and the type of rotation changes; or by authorization of particular person! We do not yet know the feature of this event. But we know it will happen on the night of arrival. This is about the future, after which, from the night of the arrival, the order of the heavens will be different for the observers of the earth, and what they see will be different.

Periods of sky order from the perspective of the terrestrial observer

But since when has this been the case? This has been the case since the time of the Ali (as). The order that exists now is not from the time of Solomon (as), it is not from the time of Yusha (as). Rather, it is from the time of the Ali (as) and with the story of the “rejection of Sun” of him. This is interesting!

So if we want to look at the sky from the perspective of a terrestrial observer, it can be divided into following periods:

  1. The period before Yusha (as);
  2. The period of Yusha (as) to Solomon (as);
  3. The period of Solomon (as) to Ali (as)
  4. The period of Ali (as) to the night of arrival
  5. The fifth period of observation of the sky begins on night of arrival.

We are now looking at the sky in the fourth period. The agent of this period is Ali (as). It is not that he has thrown a stone and it is not clear how it will stand on the ground! No, it has order. There is a reason. The order of the sky from the time of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to the morning of arrival must be a special order. Ali (as) was the cause of this order. He did what was supposed to be done by rejecting the Sun. This is itself very interesting. In the book of Rejection of Shams, it is simply said that rejection of Sun took place. They have nothing to do with why. Only the rejection of Shams was “done.” From the perspective of “Why reject the sun?” Let’s enter. Rejection of the sun was done because there was a need for a new order in the sky from the perspective of the earth observer. He made what it should have been in there. If we look at it from the perspective of why, it’s very interesting as a whole.

Different views of the sky in different religions

Now let’s ask what did Ali (as) do and what was he supposed to put? First, since the time of the prophet (PBUH), God has asked the people for an issue that also exists in the Quran; and that is the “discovery of God’s plans through heaven.” So that had to happen. This has been the case in the past. So this title is shared with titles in the past. Second that “different perspectives on the sky from the perspective of religions and the price of each perspective” will be revealed. Meaning that, there is a view of the Zoroastrian view of the sky. Zoroastrians must look at it from that perspective, strong or weak. This is the Zoroastrian quota in the new system. This is the period that Ali (as) has opened up. He set a quota for the Zoroastrians, as if they were told that this is your quota, and look at it from the perspective of this star, for example. It has been said of a Jew that you should look at it from the perspective of another star.  Same for Christians and Muslims; within Muslims, for the followers of Ali (as, Shias) and rest of Muslims. So, the perspective of Muslims must be categorized. Now we say that the best and most widely used perspective should be the perspective of Muslims, and in that, the perspective of Shiites. In other words, in the order that God has placed in the sky, the legitimacy of the Shiites must be proved. The hand of the Shiite must be more open, and this must be shown off: Everyone who is a Shiite must be allowed to exploit. Because this perspective is basically the perspective of the Shiites. Who set this order in heaven? This sky belongs to God, and Ali (as) has placed this system in the sky with the story of the rejection of the sun. This system has been in place since 1400 years ago till the day of Arrival. It’s not up to me or anyone else to say whether we like it or not. This has been made by Ali (as). In this way, it becomes very beautiful. The legitimacy of Mawla’s work and the legitimacy of Mawla’s Shiites should be determined.

We have to find these. That is, to know what the principles are. We need to know on what basis this is and why Ali (as) did it. One example from Quran can be { مِنْهاجاً: لِكُلٍّ جَعَلْنا مِنْكُمْ شِرْعَةً وَ مِنْهاجاً }.

People have been told to come and look at the sky. But each of you, according to your religion, is allowed to look at the sky from one perspective and take advantage of it. The closer his religion is, the more exploitable he is. Its range and variety of exploitation are greater. It can use such categories for longer periods of time. It can use multiple categories more accurately. The one with the greater distance to God (truth) has less use. It will be very interesting if this story can be shown from inside the stars. It’s worth it, if it’s just a story, would be fun; let alone that we can prove that this is the order of the stars, and with the story of the rejection of the Sun, such a thing is placed in the sky. Let’s make this our problem. Even if it is a hypothetical issue, it is appropriate for a person to work on it for a few years and find it. This has been done by Ali (as). How can the action of Mawla be accidental? Is that possible? An architect has built a building in a remote city. What was the reason behind the “rejection of the Sun”? let’s talk about it and make it our problem. Let’s look for the answer to this question and move on. If a person wants to follow this practice, some verses will be found until he/she obtains clues from within the verses. But these will only be clues to the framework, not a practical follow-up. To do practical work, one must be in an observatory, looking for answers to problems, or trying to prove these theories. Of course, so far it has not been possible. With the discussion of the virtual observatory, iA, the way will be opened and we can spend hours on this problem. Let’s look at it from different perspectives. Sometimes the human mind is completely empty, it knows nothing. But with that said, one knows what one is looking for. Inshallah, we will make our problem more precise over time so that we can better move towards solving the problem.

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