March 5, 2021

A variety of views on astronomy

In some books it is written that “astronomy” or, for example, “astrology” is not good. Some say astrology is good, but astronomy is not. Others say […]
October 26, 2020

The new order of the sky (realignment of celestial objects)

It is good to consider and search for the discussion of the “new order of the sky” as a question mark or as a problem plan. […]
June 9, 2020

Looking to the future through the heaven (sky)

The stars are aligned. God made this particular alignment so that the observers can take the advantage of it to understand things and properly react. This […]
April 30, 2020

A follow-up discussion of the heaven evolution from the earth (Based on surah Ya-Sin verse 36)

In surah Al-Haj verse 65, God says: God takes care of heaven not to fall into the earth. There would not be such a collapse unless […]
April 12, 2020

Elucidating the transformation mechanism of primitive heaven (fume) to seven heavens

According to the verses 9 & 10 [Fussilat], after two stages of earth development, God resumed proceeding the heaven while it was like fume (or smoke, […]
July 28, 2019

Why to investigate the heavens and the earth-2

We were talking about the reasons of the heavens investigation. The first reason discussed was to study the futures and the pasts through the heaven and […]
July 23, 2019
چرایی پرداختن به آسمان از منظر قرآن

Why to investigate the heavens and the earth? (Al-Saba 9)

Nezaare research group intends to investigate the creation process of the heavens. In the last 1400 years, usually, Muslims have discussed astrology and the heavens while […]